Mimi on the Go!

Bob and I are hitting the road! We are traveling the country to meet YOU.

As I announce where we are heading next, I’ll have 60-90 minute time slots available to meet in your home or over coffee if you’d like. We can go over your essential oils and supplies and I can give you a fresh look at them, help you organize your oils and help you find new ways to use what you already have in your home.

If you are new to essential oils – I would love to connect with you to introduce you to them and make up a plan that is personized to you and your needs.

I love people and I love teaching them about how to use essential oils and essential oil products in different phases of life – because let’s face it every single phase of life could use an essential oil or an essential oil product.

  • If you’re a young mom – maybe you’re exhausted – trying to keep it all together. You may have issues with breastfeeding or issues with a child who has a hard time focusing. I’ll help you figure that out. Let me be your oil lady!
  • Or if you are middle age – your body may be changing and intimacy is changing – let’s talk about that.
  • If you are in the glory years – you may have aging parents that you’re taking care of while also trying to navigate all the changes in your body once estrogen leaves the building. Let’s talk about that.

I’m not an expert in any of these areas but I’ve been through a lot of life and I’d love to walk with you. I’d love to give you some suggestions that have worked for me along with resources that would help you. My hope is to leave you feeling encouraged, loved, and celebrated.

Want to see where we are headed next? Join in our adventures online!